Hello all! I'm Ben Meier, also known as CrazyCowMM. I create professional Minecraft maps for Kehaan and Lubcubs Gaming. I've been making maps since early 2015 however, I only got seriously into it in 2017. I began my professional career creating maps for the Preston Maps Team in 2018 but quickly found out that the team was not for me, so after creating just two maps I left the team. A couple of months later I found out about Kehaan's team and was accepted to join. I found the team much more to my liking and have been in it ever since. In 2019 I saw that Lubcubs Gaming was also looking for map creators so I applied to join his team and was accepted there as well.


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Final Level for World's Edge
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A Level from World's Edge
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Desert Oasis map for Super Bomb Survival


You can contact me through